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New ! Hold me with care necklace

Embrace your inherent strength, walk gently in the world, and radiate the interconnectedness of all beings with this enchanting Archangel Ariel coin necklace.

This elegantly long talisman necklace features a gentle yet powerful version of Archangel Ariel and their strong lion, symbolizing our inherent strength and the life force that runs through us.

Surrounded by a powerful pencil shaped Citrine and diamond shaped Herkimer quartz, this coin bears the words "Walk gently," reminding us to approach life with mindfulness.

Each piece of jewelry has been blessed in a Balinese ceremony.

  • Materials: 22kt Gold Plated Recycled 925 Sterling Silver, Citrine, Herkimer Diamond
  • This necklace can be worn in 4 different length settings:
    64 cm / 68 cm / 72 cm / 76 cm

10 % of the profit goes to the "Bali Children Foundation"

Free shipping in Switzerland 

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