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New ! Into the light necklace

We all walk through phases of life that tempt a pattern of making ourselves small at the expense of our soul's true expression - which for some can even become the prevalent space to linger in. This very special necklace is a counter-movement: engraved with the reminder 'I surrender into my light', this design is an invitation to shine in your full expression and step into your wholeness. 

As I become my many different forms, I stay grounded in my ever-changing essence and merge together the many shapes I am capable of becoming. This is wholeness, this is my light I surrender into.

  • Materials: 22kt Gold Plated Recycled 925 Sterling Silver, White Topaz,  Rainbow Moonstone
  • This necklace can be worn in 4 different length settings:
    36cm / 40.5cm / 45cm / 49cm

10 % of the profits go to the "Bali Children Foundation"

Free shipping in Switzerland


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