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New ! Pure Joy hoop earrings

Embrace endless joy and playfulness with our big 'Pure Joy' hoop earrings. These hoops stand for boundless joy, play, loud laughter and warm giggles. Life is a place to allow ourselves to frolic and be whimsical. Finished with a hammered pattern, these hoops serve as a reminder to bring out what is truly fun about you, because there is so much power in your joy.

Show yourself with your most playful and fun side, daringly joyful and vibrant.

Each piece of jewelry has been blessed in a Balinese ceremony.

  • Materials: 22kt Gold Plated Recycled 925 Sterling Silver
  • Full earring length: 5.60 cm
  • Weight per earring: 5.40 grams

10 % profit go to the "Bali Children Foundation"

Free shipping in Switzerland 

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